Staff Augmentation

Working with iD4 gives you access to individuals with proven accomplishments and considerable industry experience in developing and supporting information systems on a wide range of platforms. To stay competitive, iD4 provides a strategic mix of full time development resources and contracted consultants to apply new technology effectively and maximize the use of existing systems. At iD4, we follow a systematic approach to managing variable employee workloads for special projects, software conversion and systems integration. This strategic staffing offers you a cost-effective way to bring together the specialized experience you need for projects of all sizes. iD4 helps augment your team with our experienced and highly skilled resources. Currently we offer the following modes of staff augmentation:

  • Contract Staffing

    Resources are on the payroll of iD4 deployed at the client site.

  • Contract-to-hire

    A contract staff can be hired by the client permanently based on the performance of the resource.

  • Assessment Services

    Technical interviews are conducted by iD4 experts for the client. Based on the client requirements the team of experts assess the technical skill sets of the resource.


iD4 Corporate Brochure

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