Enterprise Applications

Retaining an unique edge has become imperative for enterprises worldwide today. In pursuit of meeting customer's expectations and improving customer satisfaction organizations try to address their needs by using one of the commercial off-the-shelf products available in the market today. However, there are times when only custom applications can help solve the unique business challenges that they face. Here is where iD4 steps in to address this requirement through its custom application development services. iD4 has abundant expertise and knowledge-base in multiple industry domains to produce custom solutions to diverse needs of clients. Our Custom Application range of services comprises of developing brand new applications, features, extensions & enhancements, interfaces and upgrades for existing and emerging business operations. We start top-down from iDentifying specific requirements, analyze every minute detail of your business needs, understand industry and product requirements carefully at each step finally delivering a cost-effective, scalable and reliable solution. We've loads of different types of applications to offer that incude cloud based applications, desktop applications, web applications, database applications & mobile applcations. In addition we have best-of-the-breed talent, robust quality management and project management processes in place that leverages offshore capabilities. At iD4 we follow a refined application development process that provides a scalable, reliable and flexible framework to deliver reliable solution on time, within budget and with optimum quality. iD4's custom application services encompasses the following areas :

Application Development

  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis
  • Design a Roadmap for the application
  • Selecting an architecture design & platform
  • Adopting an appropriate development strategy
  • Providing UI wireframes and technology POCs
  • Coding of desired functionality
  • Deployment of the developed application
  • Walkthrough & Knowledge transfer to end user

Application Testing

  • Unit and Integration testing
  • User Acceptance test (UAT)
  • Functional testing
  • Testing for Localization & Internationalization
  • Product Migration testing
  • Security & Performance testing
  • GUI testing
  • Manual & Automation testing

Application Support & Maintenance

  • 24x7 coverage
  • Level 1 , Level 2 & Level 3 support
  • Technical & Managerial support
  • Network & Platform support
  • Linguistic Support
  • Change/Incident Management
  • Quick patch, hot fixes & service packs management
  • Maintain Application Versions

Application Enhancement

  • Modernization of applications as per requirements
  • Identifying and quickly extending application functionality
  • Extending design and scope for cross-platform integration
  • Extending application for web and smart devices
  • Customizing Opensource applications

Application Packaging

  • Requirement analysis for setting up application
  • Platform specific packaging (Windows,Unix,Solaris etc)
  • Support various format of packaging (MSI, RPM, PKG etc)
  • Rapid deployment & upgrades strategies
  • Consistency in installation


  • Focus on making the design simple and using process & tools to reduce risks
  • Review or reflection meetings after every-iteration
  • Effective Defect tracking
  • Thorough testing using the best-of-breed testing tools

Value Proposition

  • iD4's legacy of excellence and innovation
  • Iterative development approach risk and better control on change management
  • Rapid prototyping services
  • Flexible, scalable and configurable architecture


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