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With today’s information-rich industries it is becoming increasingly imperative to have a right information delivery solution in place to deliver meaningful data with critical business insights across the enterprise. Choosing such a solution can be challenging. Dynamic reporting is an essential component of a reliable information delivery system that can help analysts, data acquisition teams, managers and executive decision makers to take stock of critical issues and trends and make informed key decisions in time. Traditional information delivery mechanisms lack dynamic reporting aspects ultimately hindering easy knowledge sharing & direct data accessibility in the organization.

iPROD Reports offers comprehensive interactive reporting capabilities that is designed to manage critical business information to enable productivity optimization & effective knowledge sharing. With iPROD Reports any non-technical user can easily pull data from a variety of datasources, generate and publish reports in various formats.

  • Support for statistical and graphical reports.
  • Supports wide range of datasources for data collection.
  • Re-usable report templates with custom styling.
  • Dynamic ad-hoc query builder.
  • Auto-publish and dispatch with dynamic scheduler
  • Simplified installation, change and reconfiguration.
  • Integration with report dashboards & scoreboards that summarize & visually represent key performance & efficiency indicators.
  • Wide range of publishing formats including XLS, HTML, PDF etc.
    • Comprehensive reporting and decision support.
    • Easy access to critical information to foster improved customer relations.
    • Decrease waste and improvise productivity.
    • Facilitate greater knowledge sharing.
    • Alert and provide early notifications to allow make critical informed decisions.

    Operating System Minimal Requirements



    Windows 2008 Server R2 Yes
    Windows 2003 Server Yes
    Windows 8 Yes
    Windows 7 (32-bit) Yes
    Windows 7 (64-bit) Yes
    XP Professional (32-bit) Yes
    XP Professional (64-bit) Yes
    Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora) Yes

    Database Minimal Requirements

    Database Server


    MySQL 5.x Yes
    MSSQL 2008 Express Yes
    MSSQL 2008 Professional Yes
    MSSQL 2008 Enterprise Yes

    Other System requirements


    • Minimum: 2GB RAM

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