iPROD - Production Managed .. product delivered

iPROD – the production optimization & integrated productivity flagship platform from iD4 helps manufacturing companies analyze, plan, schedule, track, trace, monitor & control production, improve its quality, reduce cost, time & resources to meet business objectives to ensure customer satisfaction, cost reduction and profit maximization. To remain competitive, companies must run their factories and production operations at the limit of their technical, logistical and organizational capabilities. Constant innovation and adaptability is the key to sustainable success.

iPROD as a centralized software suite encapsulating key functions of managed industrial process automation services that simplify information access & scale your automation operations to the enterprise. Be it your production planning, order scheduling, sequencing, tracking, tracing, real-time visual monitoring of your assembly line metrics, production control, performance, data archiving or custom reporting, iPROD makes it all available as a single point service that helps integrate your shop floor. Real-time information access is critical for making business decisions which helps improve productivity, enhanced responsiveness, cost reduction & adherence to regulatory compliances. A hawks-eye view of various metrics such as total shift downtime, takt time of daily production helps to identify causes of irregularities, waste and monitor overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). iPROD’s work order management module enables proactive handling of order due dates, material status & order re-sequencing through a simple workflow driven interface. Dedicated operator dashboards accessible from the workstations on the production line enable operators to execute jobs indicating status such as start, complete, breakdown, resume while simultaneously accessing localized role based information such KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), production levels, design and process sheets to assist the job.

The foundation of iPROD that enables integration and workflow across its various interoperable modules is its data management module. All events, processes, master data and production instance and other transactional valuable data is persisted, organized, synchronized & retrieved by the data management module. By putting this data into context iPROD’s reporting and analytics module helps you generate various metrics and work order reports in the form of easy-to-read statistical and graphical reports. The iPROD platform delivers value by extending the lifecycle of existing investments, allowing you to connect to existing applications as well as third-party products. The iPROD Platform is included and installed as a bunch of integrated modules customized to the requirement designed to support one or more iPROD Services. Additionally, with each new release, various additional services can be integrated into to the iPROD Services Platform, expanding the foundation and capabilities of your manufacturing assets. All-in-all iPROD is much beyond just a manufacturing execution system!

iPROD can be implemented in a completely manual manufacturing facility or in a partially automated facility by using all manual phases or a combination of manual and automated phases within a single recipe. Regardless of the state of automation, the implementation process is the same. With iPROD, your paper-based operating procedures are no longer required! Your production is well managed .. and your product delivered to satisfaction within time.

  • Trace, Track, Monitor & Control Production in real-time.
  • Manage Work-in-progress and inventory.
  • Custom BPM routing for ruled based sequence enforcement.
  • Pluggable modules that can talk to various industrial components such as PLC’s, Digital IO, tower lamps, bar-code scanners, torque controllers etc.
  • Advance Shift scheduling and operator allocation.
  • Role-based dynamic reporting and dashboards.
  • Highly scalable, modular, high-performance – desktop, mobile & cloud enabled.
  • Solution scalable and configurable as required and supports incremental deployments.
    • Connect the enterprise to the plant for greater visibility and control
    • Advance production planning processes for improved efficiency
    • Better capacity and asset utilization.
    • Management of both material and resource constraints
    • Reduced costs and reduce lead times
    • Improved production throughput, quality and reduce waste. Go Lean!
    • Increased customer satisfaction due to enhanced lead times and due-date compliance
    • Modular design and centralized server ensure smooth upgrades and seamless support.
    • Optimized plant operations
    • Production smoothing across multiple resources

    Operating System Minimal Requirements



    Windows 2008 Server R2 Yes
    Windows 2003 Server Yes
    Windows 8 Yes
    Windows 7 (32-bit) Yes
    Windows 7 (64-bit) Yes
    XP Professional (32-bit) Yes
    XP Professional (64-bit) Yes
    Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora) Yes

    Database Minimal Requirements

    Database Server


    MySQL 5.x Yes
    MSSQL 2008 Express Yes
    MSSQL 2008 Professional Yes
    MSSQL 2008 Enterprise Yes

    Other System requirements


    • Minimum: 4GB RAM

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